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GoldMine - STILL the best CRM for the SME sector in 2024!

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GoldMine is the most cost-effective CRM solution available today. With over 20 years of development behind it it is still as easy to learn and navigate as it ever was and it comes packed with a host of features that can compete with any other CRM system on the market:

There is also a host of add-ons such as iGoldMine, GoldBox and Crystal Reports that can further enhance the core functionality of GoldMine CRM.

GoldMine Premium Edition 2018 is the latest version of a product that started the CRM revolution and which still leads the way today. It's trusted by 1.7 million users worldwide in a host of different industry sectors.

GoldMine CRM enables your team members to share knowledge, to learn from each other's experience, and to present a coherent image to the world. It can be easily configured to match your business processes and, because it is based on Microsoft SQL Server, it is scalable to well over a hundred users and many hundreds of thousands of contacts.

In a sea of johnny-come-lately CRM offerings, GoldMine is still the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and performance.

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Canonbury Services - experts in GoldMine CRM & GDPR

GoldMine CRM

We are authorised GoldMine partners.

We specialise in GoldMine CRM and its add-on products - and nothing else!

When considering a CRM system it makes sense to go with a product with a long history of innovation, and with a specialist partner who can call upon the full resources of the software authors.

We offer a full range of GoldMine CRM services, from consultancy, through implemention, training and support. We pride ourselves on our technical ability and business knowledge and, over the past fifteen years, have helped literally hundreds of companies to get the most from their investment in GoldMine CRM.

And now, with the new GDPR data protection regulations coming in to force, we are here to help you with any questions you may have on compliance. We are fully accredited and can assist you to make the most of the new opportunities that GDPR offers - for, despite what you may have heard, it's not all bad!

Feel free to give us a ring on 020 7549 1618 or email us here.