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Alerts in GoldMine

08/09/2015 – in GoldMine, SQL queries, Structure

GoldMine Alerts are very useful, but how they’re stored is shrouded in mystery. As always though, our job is to shine light into the darkness!

The alert definitions are stored in the infocentre (whose table is called ‘infomine’). Each alert has a three-letter code which must be unique and which defines which alert it is.

To see them, just run the following query:

select * from infomine where tsection like '%contact alerts%'

You’ll see that the code and description are both stored in the topic field.

When an alert is applied to a record, then an entry is added into contsupp with a rectype of ‘A’. This query will show these entries:

select * from contsupp where rectype='a'

You’ll see that the alert code is stored in the notes field.

The following query puts both of these together and will bring out any alerts that are in contsupp and will show their code and full name as defined in infomine:

select contsupp.accountno, topic from contsupp, infomine where
contsupp.rectype='a' and
tsection like '%contact alerts%' and