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Category: Techniques

The “My GoldMine” feature – useful at last!

Create a ‘write once’ field

Microsoft breaks Office links

Use a template when emailing a Knowledge Base article

Signatures in templates

Debugging GoldSync connection problems

Links in notes fields

Searching on the ‘owner’ field

The ‘take a message’ function

Separate databases in GoldMine

‘Favourites’ in GoldMine

Emails, phones and GoldMine

Showing a contact’s photo in GM+View

Using web imports

Groups from SQL queries

Speed up email filing/deleting

Email options in Auto Procs

User variables in GoldMine

Transferring databases between SQL versions

Scheduling to a filter or group

Fix for GM email template issues

Formatting GoldMine email templates (pt 2)

Formatting GoldMine email templates

Marketing emails and Outlook 2007

File browser for GoldMine

Showing a document in GM+View

Converting SE databases to PE

GMPE with Office 2000