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The ‘take a message’ function

26/06/2013 – in Techniques

GoldMine has a big button marked ‘Message’ at the top of the contact record. Its job is to allow one user to take a phone message for another.

However (Warning! Personal gripe coming up!) this is one of those areas where the good people at GoldMine took something that had worked perfectly for years and then messed about with it!

As you may have found, the default action of this function is to schedule a call. This is actually pretty daft when the message might well be ‘will call back’! And then, to make sure that the user actually notices it, you have to edit the call after it’s been created to add an email notification to it.

What GoldMine used to do in the Good Old Days was just send an internal email and leave the recipient to decide whether to wait for a call or to do something pro-active. This is a much better idea and, thankfully, we can restore this functionality.

First of all, find the gm.ini file on the server. If, in GoldMine, you go to Help > About GoldMine > System you’ll see an entry called Program Data Dir; this is where gm.ini will reside.

Open it in Notepad or similar.

If there’s not already a section heading called [User-Override:GoldMine] then add it (including the square brackets).

Below it, add:


That’s it! When users next log in the Message function will complete an incoming call and send an internal email to the selected user.