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Category: GoldMine

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Top n contacts in each country

Links in notes fields

Keep track of imports

Group from influencers

Search all phone fields

Searching on the ‘owner’ field

Another query for extracting email addresses

The ‘take a message’ function

Find records with no primary email address

Licensing iGM & iHeat

Extract a list of e-mail addresses

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Emails, phones and GoldMine

Showing a contact’s photo in GM+View

Using web imports

Which SQL version?

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Who has got what in the Calendar?

Groups from SQL queries

Speed up email filing/deleting

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User variables in GoldMine

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GoldMine contantly re-runs installer: fix

Add a unique reference to an import file

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Script to find duplicate records

Find out where your linked docs live

iGM / iHeat and OS X Lion

Reviving lost opportunities

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SQL query on GM group

Transferring databases between SQL versions

iGM 9 / iHeat 9 logon page

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Creating a date range table

Numeric data in non-numeric fields

Downloading Mac client from iGM/iHeat

GoldBox and DEP

Recovering lost records in GM

GM 6.7 date error

Error: License is obsolete

Scheduling to a filter or group

Fix for GM email template issues

Useful SQL formatting tool

Identifying users with overflowing inboxes

Formatting GoldMine email templates (pt 2)

Formatting GoldMine email templates

New emails not appearing in inbox

How to restart the GM installation process

Marketing emails and Outlook 2007

Kaspersky AV and iGM/iHeat

Details Plus and GMPE 8.5

Right-clicking in iGM / iHeat (Mac)

iGoldMine and Firefox

Signature files in GoldMine 7.5

Clean up your unused fields

Query to show attachment paths

Query to show Long Text / Image fields

File browser for GoldMine

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Mapping GoldMine data

NULLS and empty fields

Converting SE databases to PE

GMPE with Office 2000

GoldBox 7 record matching issues

Taming the ‘previously viewed’ list