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Use a template when emailing a Knowledge Base article

13/01/2017 – in GoldMine, Techniques

GoldMine lets you email a KB article to the current contact, but it doesn’t officially let you use your preferred email template to do so. However, there is a way of cheating the system and making this happen.

What you need to do first is to have your template saved as a text file. This is my recommended way to manage templates in any case.

Next, paste the file path into the bottom of your article so that it looks something like this (using whatever your path and filename might be):


If you have set up your email templates in the Document Management Centre to use included text files then you can simply copy and paste the path from there.

There is a small wrinkle to be aware of though. Remember I did say that we were cheating! Embedded files in Knowledge Base articles really want to be hyperlinks, the idea being that you can click on one in the article and it will open that item in a browser. What we’re doing is taking advantage of the fact that when you paste in (or type) a file statement then it doesn’t immediately become a hyperlink but stays as something that can be recognised when part of an email. But if you type a space or a carriage return directly after it then it will instantly flip to its preferred state – it will sprout an underline and become a hyperlink, which is no good for what we want.