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Ctrl-S when writing emails

16/11/2017 – in GoldMine, Scripts

A little while ago I wrote about the AutoHotKey scripting environment ( and how it can be really useful for GoldMine. Well, here’s a practical example.

One of Goldmine’s oddities is that ctrl-s, rather than meaning “save” as in most programs, is interpreted as “send” when you’re composing an email. This means that a simple mis-type (I was aiming for shift-s and…oh no!) can have the embarrassing result of an email being sent off half-formed.

Enter AHK to the rescue. AHK runs in the background and so can be told to look out for that particular key combination and, crucially, to only intercept it if GoldMine is in the foreground. The script I have written replaces ctrl-s with an ordinary ‘s’ in that case.

Here it is:

; disable Ctrl-S to save GM email embarrassment
; $ sign stops it triggering itself

SetTitleMatchMode, 1
IfWinActive, GoldMine Premium Edition - [Edit E-mail
send, s
send, ^s