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iGoldMine and Firefox

23/07/2009 – in iGoldMIne

If you use the iGoldMine Java client with Firefox then you’ll find that the latest version of iGoldMine no longer supports the signed client in that browser, just the unsigned one. Trying to run the signed client will generate either an error or a blank page.

Some people have reported that the IE View plug-in for Firefox allows them to get round this problem. The plug-in lets you right click on a link and elect to open it in Internet Explorer. You can also teach it to always open certain links in IE.

This is no help to those of you using Firefox (or Iceweasel) on Linux platforms. The only recourse is to either install the Linux client (and not all Linux distributions support that) or use the unsigned client and live without local printing and clipboard integration.

The good news though is that the Mac client now has a proper OS X installer.