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GoldMine contantly re-runs installer: fix

01/03/2012 – in Issues

We met this on our own server and it drove us mad for a few hours.

Basically, we could log onto the server and run GoldMine as Administrator and all was well; but, when logging in as another user via iGoldMine, GoldMine would launch its installer with the message: “please wait while windows configures goldmine”. GoldMine would eventually come up but the message kept returning.

What was up? Bypassing iGoldMine and logging in to the server directly as a non-admin user came up with the same error, and so we knew it wasn’t down to iGoldMine.

After digging into the server logs, and rootling about on Google, we fixed it by changing the permissions on the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTWOW6432Node part of the registry, and all its subkeys. Administrators had full control but users didn’t, and this was the cause of the problem. Giving domain users full control, and making sure that those changes were inherited downwards, did the trick.

It goes without saying that if you try this at home only do so if you know what you’re doing and, please, back up your registry first!