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Free social media add-on

13/04/2017 – in Add-Ons, GoldMine

GoldMine’s way of providing social media links is to have fields for the various website addresses and to feed these into the GM+View browser.

This is limited in a number of ways: you can only have social media links for primary contacts, and you have to create a new field for each new type of media link that you want to use.

Social media pages are, of course, just websites and so there’s nothing to stop you adding them in as such. This is simple, but it’s not necessarily clear which website entry relates to which contact.

Enter Canonbury Services with a free utility! This will link contacts, both primary and additional, to particular websites. You can download it from here:

GoldMine needs to be running when you run it. The Info button should tell you all you need to know.