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Better GM email notifications

24/10/2016 – in Add-Ons, GoldMine

As most users know, GoldMine announces the arrival of new emails by means of a small icon in the Windows notification area. However, this doesn’t tell you anything about the email or emails that have come in – unlike Outlook, which briefly shows the subject and sender.

Now I don’t like Outlook being able to do things that GoldMine can’t! It turns out though that all GoldMine needs is a little help from a small, and free, third-party called Pop Peeper (which, despite its name, works with IMAP as well). Pop Peeper sits in your notification area and monitors as many mailboxes as you care to set up, and will alert you to the arrival of new emails, complete with that elusive sender and subject information.

With this running I’ve now turned off GoldMine’s auto-retrieve function as I now only need to react to emails that have some value. I can manually bring them into GoldMine when I’m ready or I can delete the unwanted emails directly from the Pop Peeper interface.

You can download Pop Peeper here.