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The “My GoldMine” feature – useful at last!

23/09/2020 – in Techniques, Uncategorized

There’s a little-known and little-used corner of GoldMine called “My GoldMine”. When it first appeared, many years ago, I think we all looked at it and wondered what was the point. Basically it lets you do things like look at today’s activities and the like – which of course you could always do with the activity list anyway.

But, hold on a minute…it also lets you read RSS feeds. Ok, but even that isn’t all that exciting when you can do that within your browser, or even an app on your phone.

Yes, but…what if you could write your own RSS feeds to run your own SQL queries on the GoldMine database? Ah, now things are getting more interesting!

So what we have now is a page that you can populate with several queries that refresh every time you open it (or press the ‘refresh’ button). So, a bit like a dashboard, a bit like a report, but very simple to set up.

“All” you need to do is to write an ASP page in IIS. As that goes a little bit beyond the scope of what we can cover here (or, more to the point, WordPress gets confused by the tags in the code!) then, if you’re interested in doing this, just give us a call.