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Links in notes fields

12/06/2014 – in GoldMine, Techniques

Something that not many people know (and, to be honest, we’ve only just stumbled across it ourselves) is that you can easily add links to files and websites in calendar and history notes and also in the Infocentre.

Of course the Infocentre has for years had the ‘paperclip and glasses’ icon which lets you attach a single file to an entry. However, it wasn’t so easy to attach more than one file, or to put in a link to an external website.

The good news is that these days it’s easy to do – as long as HTML formatting is enabled, in the user options, for notes.

The option is hidden under the right mouse button though; you won’t find it on the HTML toolbar in the notes fields, which is where you might expect to find it. However, just right click in the notes area and you’ll find the ‘insert link’ option.