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Showing a document in GM+View

27/03/2009 – in Techniques

The GM+View has been there for a couple of years now but very few people find anything much useful to do with it.

But here’s something handy: you can use it to make a document of your choice appear as part of the record.

The first thing to do is to save the document as an html file. Word lets you do this, and many other programs do as well. Save the html file to a UNC path; this is important because otherwise it won’t display (the GM+View relies on IE, and this is one of IE’s security, ahem, features).

Create a new GM+View. Click on the (H) button to get to its own html code, then highlight everything, delete it and replace it with the code contained in the following link:

Click here to download the source

Make your GM+View the default one, or set up appropriate rules for it.

Create a link under the Links tab to the html version of your document and type DISPLAY in the name field.

The contents of the file should now appear by magic under the GM+View tab.