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iGM 9 / iHeat 9 logon page

28/07/2011 – in iGoldMIne

The new iGoldMine / iHeat is a many-splendoured thing but, like so much software these days, it tries to be a bit too clever for its own good.

The installation sets the default document of the site to be logon.html which, when run from a browser, tries to automatically launch the relevant plug-in…which may not be what you want to do. In fact the current Firefox plug-in isn’t compatible with Firefox 5, so that’s not a lot of use.

The thing to do is to go into IIS and re-set the default document to be index.htm. This will give you the choice of downloading whichever client or plug-in that you may want.

In order to download the Firefox plug-in at all though, you’ll probably need to add a new MIME type to the site: .xpi : application/x-xpinstall (as well as .dmg : application/octet-stream if you want to download the Mac client).