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Separate databases in GoldMine

18/02/2013 – in Techniques

It’s quite common to have separate contact sets in GoldMine. Usually these will share field layouts, calendar, etc (the so-called ‘GoldMine Tables’), but sometimes you might want to have total separation.

A nice easy way is to use the command-line parameter /g: to override the GoldDir specified in the gm.ini,

So, if the GoldMine shortcut looks something like:

c:program filesgoldminegmw.exe /g:gm_new

then GoldMine will use the GoldMine Tables from gm_new. All users will still be using the same licenceGM.bin and flags.bin and this keeps you happily within your licence agreement.

You can create the second database from within GoldMIne. Just create a new alias and say that you want to create new, empty, contact and GoldMine tables. The new database will inherit the field layout and users of the old one but these can be changed afterwards. Just say no to ‘use this new database by default’ when asked.

The only thing to watch out for is that if you delete an inherited user from the new database their user.ini and .tbi files will also be deleted, so be careful.