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iGM / iHeat and OS X Lion

09/01/2012 – in iGoldMIne

If you have iGoldMine or iHeat clients who are running OS X 10.7 (Lion) then you’ll need to upgrade your iGoldMine or iHeat to the Version 9 Patch 3 release.

The instructions say that, if you already have iGM 9 / iH 9 installed, you can install the patch over the top. We have found, however, that you will most likely get the following error message: “An error occurred during the installation of an assembly component”.

The solution is to uninstall your existing copy of iGM / iH first.

First of all though, you’ll need to save your licence file before doing the uninstall so that you’ve got it for later. You’ll find it in program filesfrontrangeigoldmine or iHeatprograms and it will be a .lic file; the name will be a random selection of letters and numbers.

You’ll have to reboot the server at the end of the uninstall process and again at the end of installing the new version.

The installation finishes by taking you into the licensing wizard; just cancel out of that and move the .lic file back to its original location.

You’ll then need to go into the Cluster Manager to re-add your published applications.