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GISMO on Citrix

19/03/2010 – in OS / Environment

GoldMine works well on Citrix although, because FrontRange don’t have a Citrix set-up themselves, it isn’t officially supported. That hasn’t stopped many people using it successfully.

GISMO is a bit tricky though, and takes a small amount of fiddling about to get it to work.

  1. First of all, log into a Citrix session and install GISMO for that user, following the standard instructions.
  2. Next, go into regedit and under HKCUsoftware look for the following two keys:
  3. GoldMineGoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook, and

  4. Export both of these keys.
  5. Now log into another Citrix session as a different user.
  6. Go into regedit and import both of the above keys.
  7. Go into the ‘GoldMineGoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook’ key and blank out the values for GMUserName and GMPassword.
  8. (You could of course modify the exported keys themselves instead, before importing them, using Notepad).

  9. Exit regedit and open Outlook. The link will attempt to load but you’ll see an error saying that it can’t connect to GoldMine. This is hardly surprising, given that you’ve just blanked out the user credentials!
  10. In Outlook go to Tools>Options>GoldMine Link. In there you can enter the GoldMine username and password for this user.
  11. The reason that you can’t do this directly in regedit is that the password will be encrypted when it’s put into the key.

  12. Repeat this process for all users who need the link.